Project Conceptual Framework Project Conceptual Framework

Project Conceptual Framework

    In view of the aim of making business registration easier for the registrants, the starting point of the registration in the PBR is the application form which shall include all the information being required in the current procedures of all agencies involved in business registration (i.e., Department of Trade and Industry/Securities and Exchange Commission/Cooperative Development Authority for business name registration then to local government units for business permit then to Bureau of Internal Revenue for Tax Identification Number/Certificate of Registration then to the licensing agencies like the Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG Fund, among others). Moreover, the registrant has the option to complete all the procedures or accomplish all the information in the application form in the PBR portal or not. Once the application form in the PBR is completed and submitted by the registrant, PBR will validate the correctness and completeness of the client’s application and then will push the data to the appropriate agencies. At the end of the registration process, the PBR system will provide the registrant with a dashboard wherein he/she can see the status of his/her application.

    At the agency level, the PBR portal can be used as a reference of other agencies when the client proceeds with the other steps manually or online (still through the PBR portal or through an agency’s online system) since it will already contain initial data about the clients applying for business registration. It can also be used in accepting applications for business licenses by the agencies and LGUs. Moreover, since the PBR can tell the agencies if there is a pending application which they need to attend to, the agencies have to regularly monitor if PBR has pushed a data to their systems so that at their end, they can evaluate any pending application concerning them and their systems can, in return, give a feedback on the application to the PBR (whether it is approved or whether there is a lacking information or requirement that needs to be submitted). Moreover, PBR will have facilities for report generation related to business registration and business facilitation services, among others, that the private sector and other agencies can also utilize.